SRG is looking for highly motivated real estate agents and or experienced real estate agent recruiters to join the most dynamic cloud-based real estate brokerage today. We are looking to hire real estate agent recruiters for a growth position to help build our platform and sales organization. We have developed a comprehensive system that is complete with every imaginable tool a real estate agent will ever need without the hassle and very high cost of the traditional real estate office. What we have created is an opportunity of a life time!

We have put together a very competitive commission plan based on real estate agent recruiting and production. This commission plan rewards you for your hard work and effort, while giving you the necessary tools to succeed. This is an excellent opportunity to break into a ground floor opportunity with a very established cloud-based brokerage to achieve your goals and have the financial freedom and flexibility this offers.


> Highly Ambitious Self-Starters
> Goal Oriented Individuals
> Tech Savvy
> Strong People Skills
> Sales & Marketing Experience


It is simple, exciting and very lucrative. You will earn a percentage of the flat fee SRG receives on every transaction a recruit you bring on board closes, for as long as that recruit is with SRG. The starting compensation plan is the highest in the industry. Please call us to learn more about it.


If you are looking for a challenge and want to join a very progressive cloud-based real estate brokerage with the opportunity to develop long-term residual income, then SRG has what you are looking for! The right formula and hard work equals success and if you are looking to expand your horizons and control your future, then please email your resume to us at or call our corporate recruiter at 888-774-1198 for more details.

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