“Imagine having full brokerage services and support with no cost to your broker until you actually close a deal! If you do a few deals a year, just got your license or want to limit on going overhead expenses the Sliver Program provides zero cash flow option that includes your E & O insurance and a virtual office system beyond compare.”


Agent in Denver

“Thank you for a smooth and timely escrow service on the Pau Hana transaction. I appreciate the way you operate as a “smiling contributor” to accomplish the milestones in an atmosphere of urgency! Especially these days, when there is a lot of uncertainty in getting deals closed, it is a blessing.I look forward to opening as many escrows as possible with you as we go forward, and in supporting SRG to be successful in leading the way to the future of real estate.”


Agent in Northern California

“The Agent Command Center is a one stop shop that an agent can utilize at their fingertips. This user friendly system will address your questions and is a great place to interact with other agents by using the intra-company blog. The Agent Command Center will make your business more efficient and productive which will lead to more and faster income to the agent.”


Broker in Southern California

“I want to thank you for providing such a real estate system that is extremely powerful and easy to use. It’s like being inside an office with admin support at my fingertips. And all these tools are provided free to Summit Agents. That’s a primary reason for me to join your company.”


Agent in Southern California

“Hi John, I wanted to thank you so much for all of the time you take to put together your agent newsletter. I have been an agent for 12 years and knew what I needed to do, but had absolutely no idea of how to do it. I look forward to every newsletter I get and I also save them to keep myself on track. Nobody ever took the time to say, you do this first, then this, etc… that is what you do for us! Your instructions are easy to follow and most of your suggestions are FREE! Your newsletter is a recipe for success in helping me get systems in place so that I can market to my clients and be a better agent as well. Real Estate is changing and you and Summit Realty Group are helping us move forward. I feel so blessed to be a part of Summit Realty Group.”


Agent in Southern California

“The Silver program is by far the best option for any agent. Instead of sharing your commission, you have a very small charge and compared to what you get in exchange I feel the agent is definately coming out on top of this deal. Keep in mind that only with each 100,000 does the rate go up and hey you will be making an additional 3,000 so whats 100.00??? Nothing compares to this program!”


Agent in Southern California

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